Velas Eco-Tourism



Velas beach is located near the area of confluence of river Savitri and Arabian sea, which is the deltaic region, a fascinating ecosystem. The land in these estuaries is continually inundated by the saline sea water under influence of sea tide and also sweet water of river. Such lands are covered with mangroves, a kind of vegetation endemic to these areas. The mangroves and the estuaries are the breeding and spawning grounds of varieties of marine life forms such as fishes, prawns, crabs and mollusks. The sea turtles to congregate in these areas, having migrated over large distances in the sea to feed on these fishes etc. in the shallow sea near the intertidal regions. The shallow sea near the river mouth becomes the feeding ground of the sea turtles. These life forms spend their juvenile stage in the mangrove estuarine ecosystem, and migrate to the sea in the later part of their lives. The sea turtles look for suitable undisturbed beaches in these river mouth areas where Velas beach is located for laying eggs and nesting. Based on these ecological conditions, Vleas beach have become the famous for nesting sites of the Olive Ridley sea turtles. Significant populations of these turtles visit the congregation areas in the winter months for breeding and nesting. This is a yearly phenomenon.

The need for ecotourism in India

The constant threat of global warming and degradation of nature has brought the idea of ecotourism in the limelight. Besides, promotion of fragile and undisturbed nature, and connecting secluded environs with the main stream are a few concerns that have been duly addressed by ecotourism in India.

However, the reduction of carbon footprint is equally emphasized when we speak of ecotourism. Today, there are a number of sprawling farms, resorts, home stays, and eco-friendly hotels in India that offer a natural retreat in India’s popular tourist destinations.

Eco Sensitive Zones in India boast of geographical diversities and lovely tourist places that have been or are rapidly becoming popular getaways in India!